Turpin Mennonite Church

Est. 1907


Immigrant Mennonite farmers started establishing homesteads in “No Man’s Land” in 1903.  They were members of a religious movement that began during the Protestant Reformation with an emphasis on adult commitment to a life modeled after the life of Jesus.  The Mennonites derived their name from a Dutch Leader, Menno Simons.


The Church was organized as Friedensfeld Mennonite Church in 1907.  Charter family names included Dirks, Boese, Epp, Fransen, Goertzen, Ratslaff, and Zielke.  The first church building was consecrated in 1909.   A second church building was purchased and moved to the present site in 1940.  The current church building was designed and built by the members in 1966.  Today’s rural church stands by the grace of God and the determination of a committed community.


“I know your works, your toil and your patient endurance…” Rev 2:2 (text used in 1907)