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September 12, 2021


Welcome to this time of worship.  May you experience God’s loving

presence and power as we meet God in scripture, song, and prayer.



SONG -   Here I Am To Worship                                  Video

SONG –  To God Be The Glory                                   MH 532


TITHES & OFFERINGS                                 AMBS Seminary


PRAISE & INSPIRATION               Matt & Abby Peters






SONG        -    Send Out Thy Light and Thy Truth              MH 631




MESSAGE –    Light In The Darkness                  Mike Isaacs


SONG –    Go Light Your World                                    Video





Worship Team

Piano –  Lynette R.                                     Sound –  Randy B.
Computer – Garrett I.        


Worship Team Next Week

Piano –  Donna E.                              Sound –  Garrett I.

Computer – Jason B.

Tithes & Offering – Trustee Fund




Upcoming Events and News!

Monday - Council Meeting @ 7:00pm


Tuesday – Deacons Meeting @ 7:00pm


Sunday School Teachers Needed – If you are interested in helping teach Sunday School for the fall and winter quarters, please see Chere, Tania, or Kayla. 

The committee is looking for Jr./Sr. High Teachers.


September 22nd - See You At The Pole - 7:00am @ Turpin School football field.


October 10th – Food Pantry Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes – Start collecting school supplies, toys, and hygiene products for the Sunday School Offering for the Fall Quarter.


Thank You – Our family was comforted by the kindness and love shown to us by the church family before, during and after the service for Leona.  We appreciated Mike and Karen, the trustees, cemetery committee and deacon involvement.  We especially appreciated the meal provided and served by the service committee.  Thank you for the beautiful flowers (church and Sunday School class), cards, food, thoughts and prayers,  and being present with words of affirmation for the life Leona lived. 

God Bless.  – The Leona Loepp Family & Dennis & Dori Loepp


Thank You – Thank you to my special church family for the beautiful flowers that brighten my room when I arrived at Beaver Hospital.  They are still beautiful here at my home.  Also thank you for all the prayers and cards.  I am anxious to be back with you all soon. 

Love, Florence


Please remember the following in your prayers:

Carolee Nickel                 Grace Martinez

Twila Boyd                      Shirley Eggers

Breanna Thompson           Caregivers

Kenny Ward                      Kelli Daniels

Rebekah York – Mission Partner

Pastoral Search Committee

School Students/Staff/Administrators

Paula Schmidt Birthday Monday

Shirley Kroeker Birthday Wednesday

Raelyn Peters Birthday Thursday