Worship – 9:30 a.m.    S.S. – 10:45 a.m.

Pastors – Mike & Karen Isaacs

Office (580) 259-6440

Mike (cell) 580-539-1004

Karen (cell) 580-539-1005





September 1, 2019


Welcome to this place of worship.  May you experience God’s loving

presence and power as we meet God in scripture, song, and prayer.







*HYMN …..To God Be The Glory…...…………….…………..MH 532


HYMN  …Jesus Loves Even Me……………..………..……..SLS 42


SHARING OF TITHES - …………….…………...….Trustee Fund


Prayer of Thanks



Sharing of Needs


*SONG – …  I Surrender…….……...…………………………....Screen



MESSAGE ...Forgiving Others……………….………….Karen Isaacs

*CLOSING HYMN – ...Just As I Am….(vs. 1-3)……………...MH 235


*BENEDICTION SONG – The Lord Lift You Up……..………..Screen

* Those comfortable standing please rise.



Accompanist – Florence R.          Candle Lighter – Aaron J.

Sound – Jason B.                      Computer – Chad P.




NEXT SUNDAY – September 8, 2019

Harvest MissionCelebration

Accompanist –                               Computer – Calli Jones

Sound – Rosettta S.            Candlelighter – Aaron J.





HARVEST MISSION CELEBRATION @ 10:00 AM next Sunday with Austin Regier’s Family giving a musical concert.  Carry in dinner to follow.  Offering will be split with $375 helping with mileage and stipen and the remaining amount split with 2/3 going to Mennonite Central Commitee and 1/3 going to STEPMC.





BABY SHOWER FOR KRISTEN SCHRICK on September 15th  with Mexican Pile-Up Dinner.  Shower will be at 11:00 (following service) and dinner to follow.  No adult Sunday School Classes.  Kristen is having a boy and is registered at Walmart, El Kan & Target.  Theme will be Camo/Hunting.  Bring books instead of cards.


BABY SHOWER FOR AMELIA DIAZ on September 22nd    at 1:00 pm.  Carry-In Dinner will be before the shower immediately following Sunday School.  Amelia has a son (Ayreon Valieck Diaz) and is registered at Amazon.  Theme will be dinosours.


PIZZA AND GAME NIGHT – September 22 at 6:00 pm.  Meet at Rufinos in Liberal for fun, food and fellowship.


SEE YOU AT THE POLE – September 25th at Turpin School at 7:00am.


LOOKING FOR WAYS TO BE INVOLVED:  Education Committee is still looking for a few substitutes for the Sunday School classes.  If you are interested in being a sub for one of these classes please see someone on the Education Commitment.


PRAYER CHAIN:  If you would like to put a friend on the

prayer chain, please get permission from that person or a family

member to do so and then contact a deacon.


Please remember the following in your prayers:

Carolee Nickel                 Grace Martinez

Barbara Trahern                Twila Boyd

Brandi Williams                Janice Gowens

John McCarthy                 Kalina Simpson

Shirley Eggers                  Randy Parr

Caregivers                 Alan Hodges

Cale Morris                       Pastoral Search Committee

Jean Regier Birthday – Thursday

Don & Gaylene Patterson Anniversary – Friday


TURPIN FOOD PANTRY fundraiser meal on October 6, 2019, 12:00 noon, at the Turpin Baptist Church.


CASSETTE RECORDINGS of worship services will be done if

you request it ahead of time from the Sound Person or Pastor.

A cassette player will be available to play the cassette tape.




You are invited to stay and attend one of the Sunday school classes listed below following the worship service and refreshments provided in the Fellowship Hall!


Primary Class:  Teacher – Brandi Parker

Study: Hands On Bible


Jr.  High Youth Class:  Teacher –   Jean Regier

Study: The Armor of God


Sr. High Youth Class:  Teacher -  Tony James

Study: World Religions vs. Faith in Christ


Women’s Class: (Brown Room)  Teacher – Shared

Study:  Year of the Bible


Adult Class: (Green Room)   Teacher – George Kroeker

Study:  Responding to God’s Grace


Kitchen Class: (Kitchen)   Informal Conversation.


FALL SUNDAY SCHOOL OFFERINGS  for the September through November quarter will be for Operation Christmas Child Shoebox through Samaritan’s Purse.  Donations and Supplies are needed.

Supply suggestions:  pencils, small pencil sharpener, colored pencils, pencil case, crayons, markers, pens, coloring books, note books, glue sticks.  More suggestions to come later in the quarter.



Information about Austin Regier and his family:

The Regier family hails from East of Newton Kansas where their ancestors have farmed and raised hogs for over one hundred years. The family is comprised of Ken and Amy Regier and their four children, Erin (with husband Matt Graber originally from South Dakota), Austin (with wife Elizabeth Ratzlaff originally from Moundridge, KS), Addie (currently a Junior at Bethel College), and Eli (currently a Senior at Newton High School).

The Regier's have a deep love for bluegrass music stemming primarily from Edwin Regier, Ken's father, who played in a a group called the Country Jamboree. At Regier family reunions, you can expect Ella (Kroeker) Regier to request that instruments be brought, and the making of music is a consistent family tradition. Ken and Amy's family did not manage to escape this dangerous predilection towards bluegrass, and now the whole family plays and sings together. Like most bluegrass bands, Kilometer 81 is named after a leprosy hospital in Paraguay. We love playing music and we love sharing that music with others.


Information about STEPMC:

Steps to End Poverty of McPherson County (STEPMC) is on a mission to walk alongside people until they are out of poverty. We do this by forming a community around those in our program, fostering connections, and creating pathways of opportunity and success. STEPMC creates a framework for people to build relationships across economic and class lines in order to transform lives. We believe that responsibility for both poverty and prosperity rests not only in the hands of individuals, but also with societies, institutions, and communities. Our approach is a progressive model that suggests low-income families must have strong social capital and connections within their communities in order to improve their economic situation. Families and individuals enroll in our training to build financial, emotional, and social resources as well as an economic stability plan that sets goals unique to their own needs and dreams. These families, called Team Leaders, are paired with trained mid- to high-income community volunteers, called Team Partners, who support their efforts to achieve economic stability. Each week, STEPMC meets to provide peer support and to discuss strategies for attaining prosperity.